As the COVID-19 (AKA coronavirus) pandemic continues to evolve, we have been doing all that we can to support the health and safety of both our patients and staff. We continue to limit our operations to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We have postponed routine eyecare appointments until further notice. We will be contacting patients who have appointments to provide information about rescheduling. You can order contact lenses anytime through our Contact Lens Store. Temporarily we will have the office staffed to handle deliveries, communicate with patients, offer urgent care, and order contact lenses and supplies. The hours of operation are 9-3, Mon-Fri. We are optimistic that we will know more about what to expect in the weeks to come. We hope to update our schedule and operations as soon as possible.

We are working on ways to minimize the risk of exposure in our office: We have installed sneeze guards, like those seen in local grocery stores. We have rearranged seating in our optical area to allow 6 feet of space between seating locations. We have ordered a UV sanitizing box to clean glasses after trying them on as well as stocking up on gloves and masks and other PPE and cleaners. Rescheduled appointments are being placed in the first week of June. Initially, we are scheduling appointments in 45-minute intervals, as opposed to our usual 30 minutes, to minimize the number of people in the office. Thank you for being a valued patient of Marlton Eye Associates and for your continued support.

Your health and safety is our priority.

The Marlton Eye Associates Team

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