Community Matters

Marlton Eye at Fall Festival

As a small business, we have a responsibility to our community.  Not only do we provide a personal touch in our office -- remembering your name, giving you a hug, and asking about your family -- we also participate in local organizations that give back to those less fortunate in our area.

Dr. Wolfe is a long time member of the Marlton Rotary Club. Marlton Rotary, a local chapter of Rotary International, is a volunteer service organization whose motto is "Service Above Self." As a member, Dr. Wolfe has participated in many local projects including distributing dictionaries to all 3rd graders in the township. You may have seen collection boxes for coats in the office, or a donation can on the front desk for eradicating polio. 

"It's important to give back," says Dr. Wolfe, "We can all do our part to make the world and our community a better place."

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